Canoeing on the Douro Vineyard

Route by the Dourovalley in Alto Douro Wine Region, a World Heritage Site, where the humanization of the landscape overlaps the Douro natural and wild.
Come watch the Douro river inside, a unique place with its vineyards and estates. This stretch, whets your appetite for more travel, as Foz ends at the Sabor River and continue for fancy beauty of this current sheet, which is the Dourovalley.

In a landscape between Pocinho and Foz Flavor, passing a Farm emblematic of the Douro, Quinta do Vale Meo, built by D. Antonia Adelaide Ferreira, his last and most significant achievement, which he built from scratch, 300 ha of virgin land, investing all his knowledge and knowing.

This route ends at the mouth of the Rio Sabor among vineyards, olive groves and orange groves and the fishing village of the same name, where you can taste the traditional river fish flavor.

No minimum number of participants: 6
Riding time: 5,5 Km
Degree of difficulty: easy
Clothing: appropriate to the practice of the sport; depending on the time of year, do not forget sunscreen and a raincoat.
Meeting point: Tower Moncorvo
Cost: 25 / person

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