Canoeing in Douro Valley

Canoeing in the Douro River
Number of Persons: at least 6
Tags: Douro Valley / Douro River /  Adventure / Nature / Unforgettable Moments / Friends / Family
No. of days: 4
Start and End Date: Tell us your preference
Cost / person: 228 + vat
Description: Canoe Descent of the Douro International ans Douro wine slopes. 34Km in two days, with the right equipment, guides, transfers, and we suggest the accommodations at Casa da Av.

Day 1
18:00 Chek-in and welcome drinks
20:00 - Dinner

Day 2 International Douro
10:00 - Canoeing-Lagoaa Mazouco
13:00 - Lunch Mazouco steering wheel on the river
14:00 - Canoeing-Mazouco Congida
19:30 - Dinner in a typical restaurant (typical food and wines of the Douro)
21:30 - Return to accommodation

Day 3 - Alto Douro Wine Region
09:00 - Barca de Alva Canoeing - Almendra
12:30 - Lunch steering wheel Almendra (old station), near the River
13:00 - Canoeing Almendra - Foz Coa River
20:30 - Dinner in a typical restaurant (typical food and wines of the Douro)
22:30 - Return to accommodation

 Day 4
10:00 - Breakfast
11:00 - Check-out

+ Details

This program explores the wild and scenic side of the Douro, on the 2nd day: Canoe journey start of Lagoaa, Freixo de Espada Cinta in the heart of the Natural Park International Douro. Then the section Lagoaa Congida between the dams and Aldeadavila and Saucelle. A picnic lunch of local produce, along the river, in contact with wild nature of the Natural Park, the largest in the country. In the afternoon continues and ends at the river beach Congida, very close to Freixo de Espada Cinta. At the end we go back to accommodation and on the way stop for dinner at local restaurant, in Carviais.

On the 2nd day we will make Barca de Alva-Pocinho since the beginning of the fairway of the Douro, so do not be surprised if you see large boats cruising in the middle Douro wine region to enjoy the next scenic Douro and Thursdays with the vineyards in terraces. Stopping point and end at Foz Ca River where contacted closely with the prehistoric art of the Ca Valley, another World Heritage Site. 

Some important aspects:
- Output from July to October, from March to June interdict, nesting birds in danger of extinction;
- List of individual material: it is for the participants and seedlings clothing, footwear, water bottle, hat, sunscreen, and towel fact;
- Contact with wildlife of the Natural Park of International Douro, Douro Valley and wild Douro.
- Contact with the terraced vineyards of the Alto Douro Wine Region and their estates, Heritage - The Scenic Douro;
- Packed with the local cuisine, wines of the Douro;
- Practice sports a healthy, nice and clean;
- Social unique among the participants;
- Professionalism and experience of Sabor Douro
Includes: Includes equipment, transportation, personal accident insurance and liability, framework, guidelines and food.