Water bikes

Water bike tours in the Douro, a unique landscape, interrupted by the valleys of the Douro River and its tributaries in the upper portion of the river, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, almond and lofts lost.
Adrenaline on the Douro River

 If you love nature and a strong desire to know the Douro Valley, the Foz Ca  prehistoric art, the natural heritage and its gastronomy.

Stroll on speedboat and jet skiing on the river Douro, the leg area of ​​the waterway and port wine, with passage of the locks of existing dams. The peaks that flank the river valleys of the river Douro and Sabor, offer unforgettable panoramic views, where there are forts, watchtowers, castles rockers, places of worship and pilgrimages ... Seduce yourself! Pure passion!


Minimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 4
Duration of tour: 1 hour
Difficulty: the driver has to have Charter as a sailor, to drive water bikes.
Dress: suitable for water activities.
Local output: River Pier da Foz do Sabor, or other near by arrangement.
Time of departure: to combine.
Cost: 155 / hour/2 persons (includes fuel).

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