Nocturnal visit to the Ca Valley engravings

A rare visit in the evening to the Ca Valley Archaeological Park, one of the most important rock art sites outdoor world. The number of places is limited.

Sabor Douro provides a rare opportunity to visit the pictures of the Archaeological Park in the Ca Valley, during the night.

The Archaeological Park of the Coa Valley is the most important site of Paleolithic rock art from around the world, given its length, about 30 km, diversity and quality of the prints. An evening tour is a rare opportunity, since the place is exceptionally open to the public at night, for a guided tour between 21h and 23h. Can include a picnic basket.

The visit is organized with a guide in off road vehicle to the the nucleus of rock art Penascosa in the Archaeological Park of the Coa Valley. With Wine Tasting

Minimum number of participants: 5
Duration of tour: 2 hours
Difficulty: low / medium
Clothing: The advisable to practice the sport and depending on the season waterproof clothing is advisable.
Place of Departure: Castelo Melhor - Vila Nova de Foz Ca 
Time of departure: to combine
Cost: 25 / person 

Request of picnic basket: 15/person

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