Ribeira de Piscos

Delight yourself in a pedestrian route through the park the Archaeological Ca Valley, at any time of year.

The visit begins in the Reception Center of the village of Muxagata, 7 km from Vila Nova de Foz Ca, in all terrain vehicle, with specialized guide for dirt roads (6km), later we have a walk of 2.5 km throught the park.

One of the most beautiful routes of the Ca Archaeological Park , along the banks of the Ribeira de Piscos, a tributary of the Ca River, where you can see rocks engraved Upper Palaeolithic period (30,000 to 10,000 BP), we stress the horses snared, one of the few human figures of origin of the Upper Paleolithic, the famous Homem de Piscos.

The route is of great beauty in terms of landscape, flora and fauna, is also classified as ZPEA and Natura 2000.


No minimum number of participants: 4

Riding time: 3 hours

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Clothing: appropriate to the practice of sport; en function of time of year, do not forget sunscreen and a raincoat.

Cost: 22 / Person

The price includes water supply and port, transportation TT until the start of hiking trail, hiking, guided tour accredited by the Archaeological Park, the site of Ribeira de Piscos, with rock art site classified as World Heritage humanity by UNESCO.

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