Start Date:2020-06-23 - End Date:2020-08-23

Down with us the Douro Rriver and see it as never seen The Douro International remains one of the harshest and unknown regions of Portugal. Contrary to section vineyard, the humanization of the landscape is not outgrown its rudeness and biological divers

Canoeing in the International Douro. Come look inside the Douro, with its woods, wild, where the river runs slow and stuck in the dark crevice that leads abruptly over 130 km shared with Spain. Not to scare, but the overwhelming view whets the appetite on a journey along our "Grand Canyon".

Enjoy the vast wildlife that resides on the banks of the Douro, and let themselves be influenced by this stream of natural beauty! 

Minimum number number of participants: 10 
Maximum number of participants: 25 
Riding time: + / -8.5 km 
Degree of Difficulty: Medium / low
Clothing: The advisable to practice the sport and depending on the season waterproof clothing is advisable. Local output: in Lagoaa, county of Freixo de Espada Cinta , along the river. 
Time of departure: to combine as accommodation. Cost: 32 / person

Check your descent, between March and October!