Visit To The Ca Valley Engravings

Start Date:2020-02-08 - End Date:2020-12-31

Guided visits organized, during the year, in off road vehicles to a nucleus of prehistoric art in the Archaeological Park of Côa Valley, World Heritage.

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Paddling on Douro River

Start Date:2020-06-23 - End Date:2020-08-23

Down with us the Douro Rriver and see it as never seen The Douro International remains one of the harshest and unknown regions of Portugal. Contrary to section vineyard, the humanization of the landscape is not outgrown its rudeness and biological divers

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Douro Valley Tour - Portugal

Start Date:2020-02-07 - End Date:2020-10-10

Program for groups, includes activities and accommodatio in the Douro Valley. TAGS: Trekking, Quinta do Douro 4x4 Tour with Wine Tasting, Côa Paleolithic Art, Easter Program.

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