Torre de Moncorvo is located in northern Portugal, in the northeastern South, near the border with Spain, at the confluence of the rivers Douro and Sabor. The rivers Douro and Sabor are a mark on the landscape of this county, yet no less important are the Reboredo Mountain and the Vilariša Valley.

The Vilariša Valley was formed from a pond that has been filled to within several centuries with debris entrained by the river chains. Every winter is flooded by the waters, a phenomenon in many respects similar to the flooding of Egypt, but its proportions. This region is referred to among geographers in the region as the "Nile Portuguese Valley."

The largest deposit of iron in Europe is in the "Serra do Reboredo", which is covered by a mantle plant of varied species and patches of pine, arbutus, cedar, chestnut, cork and oak trees. The patch of oak primitive is referred to as the largest patch of white oaks in Europe. Wild orchids can also be found in this forest mantle. The Serra do Reboredo is also a large water reservoir with many springs scattered throughout the county.

By the rivers Douro and Sabor there is another kind of landscape, the steep and rugged landscape of the "beautiful-ugly", accessible only those who dare to venture through Cyclopean boulders and underbrush. It is the most natural and wild world that exists in the country.

It is also the paradise of certain animal and plant species threatened with extinction, such as otter and wolf, the hawk and the goshawk, the roe deer and wild cat, the snake bastard and osprey.